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4 Ways to Save On Your Energy Bill!

4 Ways to Save On Your Energy Bill!

As reputed electricians in Nottingham area, it is not uncommon for us to come across clients complaining about their electricity bill. Of course, there are a lot of things we can do to help. We can help you get more energy efficient equipment installed; we can offer a scheduled maintenance plan to prevent faults unnecessary wastage of energy. However, there is a limit to what we can do unless you decide to be more responsible yourself.

So, whenever we hear such complains, we provide not just services but also our expert advice and tips regarding energy saving around the house. Here are four of the most effective ways that can actually create a great difference.

1. Know Your Equipments
Do you know that an old iron consumes a lot more energy within a matter of minutes as compared to what a modern TV set consumes all day? We recommend getting an energy monitoring device so that you know the equipment you need to replace with newer more efficient one. This onetime cost will offer long term value.

2. Insulate and Cover
Insulation is again a onetime expense that will help you save a lot in the long run. If you can’t get professional insulation done at your place for any reason, at least cover the windows and glass doors with solar screens or similar coatings.

3. Turn the Lights Off
If you are going out, what’s the point of keeping the lights on? Contrary to popular belief, that won’t stop burglars anyway. Make sure you turn off the lights whenever leaving a room or home vacant even for a short time. A lot of people keep their kitchen and bathroom lights on, forgetfully or purposefully. Change this habit and you might save quite a few pounds every month.

4. Strictly Avoid Standby
Standby doesn’t mean the appliance won’t consume energy. As a matter of fact, you can be paying as much as 35 extra pounds every month due to appliances left on standby. It takes merely a few seconds to turn the switch off and unplug the appliance.
And for a real difference, you can always call us for complete consultation, maintenance, and installation of more energy efficient electrical equipment and appliance in your home.

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